Cheap branding: buy now, pay later?

In business, we’re always looking for ways to reduce spending and increase profits.

But there are some things you can economise on — and some things you definitely shouldn’t.

Your branding is one of them.

Don’t economise on the branding!

Your branding is the ‘face’ of your business. It’s on your website, your stationery, your marketing materials, your vehicles and anything else you’re putting out there.

It’s often the first thing your customers see — and it could be the thing they remember.

As a key part of your identity, your brand is an important and integral part of your business. There are many reasons why cheap branding is a bad idea, but here are five you should be aware of.

The designer may put quantity before quality

If a designer is charging a low rate per project, it often means they’re having to do more projects to make their money.

The more projects they’re doing, the less time they have to spend on each one. This means they’ll be working quickly and without the necessary consideration and care.

The designer may not care about your brand

Your brand has a history, story and personality that have made it what it is. But many cheap designers won’t take this into account.

They won’t take the time to get to know your brand or ask the right questions, so you could end up with generic, average branding that doesn’t represent you properly.

Your cheap branding may not be original

One of the reasons some designers can work so cheaply is because they’re not starting from scratch.

Rather than drawing up an original design, they’ll use a stock image from a stock website. Some may even use a ready-made template and just add your company name.

The problem is that any number of cheap designers will have access to that same stock image or template and could be using it to create their clients’ branding too. So you could end up with branding that’s near-identical to another company.

The quality may be inferior

Anyone can download a graphics package to their computer and call themself a designer. It doesn’t mean they have the skills or experience they need to do the job properly — and their work may not be everything it should be, either.

They don’t always think about how your logo will be used in different designs, so you could be left with problems, such as:

  • Small files, at low resolution, that can’t be enlarged
  • Flattened images that don’t work on different coloured backgrounds
  • An inflexible design that can’t be adapted.

Even if a cheap designer is trained, their execution may be poor, especially if they’re cutting corners to save time.

It could end up costing you more

By the time you realise your cheap branding isn’t really right for you, or looks the same as another company’s, you could have already used it on your website, stationery, signage, vehicle branding, marketing and more.

So it’s not just the cost of a rebrand, it’s the cost of getting all these things changed too — and it could be a lot of money.

Leave it to the professionals

You could save yourself time, money and an awful lot of hassle, by spending wisely with a company you can trust to get it right in the first place.

Like Zube, for example

Zube specialise in branding design. It’s what we do — and have been doing — for the last 25 years.

We take the time to look at every aspect of your business. To get to know you and ask all the right questions. Only then can we be sure that the branding we create will truly reflect and represent your business.

You can rest assured, there will be no stock images or templates used in your design. Everything we produce is created from scratch, with care, consideration and creativity.