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Understandably, some can assume the appearance of the website is the most important aspect, and while the aesthetics play an important role, there are other factors that need to be considered, including SEO.

Initially, many can take care of their own SEO, but as the website grows, so too does the work that needs to be carried out.

As such, it is often more cost-effective to outsource services to a third party, but some service providers can be unclear regarding the type of SEO service they offer.

There can be many interpretations of SEO, so the service offered by one provider can be different to another. Remember, the role of SEO is to ensure that a website is found by the right people, so cost should not be the only aspect considered.

Those using a SEO company should also be considering the amount of work being carried out, as well as the methods being used.

Of course, those employing the services of an SEO expert will want to know what services are being carried out. Zube is fully aware of the confusion some can experience regarding SEO, which is why it offers a transparent framework that describes a website’s journey to success.

Zube is a specialised agency that understands what it takes to make a business stand out among the appropriate audience, using its faultless five-step framework.

Planning your website strategy

Websites are created for many reasons, so it is essential that your website is found by the right online users. Zube will become familiar with your business goals and put forward an SEO plan that ensures the online presence of a business is successful.

Carrying out an SEO audit

The success of a website is not only attributed to current SEO efforts, but also those carried out in the past. There can be instances where website owners have paid for back-linking services, only to find that they are SPAM. This makes the website appear unfavourably regarding search results.

As such, an SEO audit is an integral part of any SEO strategy, as it can help rectify issues that lower the rankings of the website over time, and ensure fixes are implemented as soon as possible.

Creating content helps improve online relationships

Anyone that has followed a brand online will find that they offer significant content in various guises. Some may use blog posts, whereas others may take advantage of Twitter. Creation not only allows more scope regarding being found online, it also ensures businesses are creating a natural relationship with customers that help gain trust and sales.

Promoting the website in the right way

Those new to the online world may assume that promoting a website is as simple as a few social media shares, but it takes a lot more. Although social media can play an important part in the promotion of a website, the posts must catch the attention of the audience to ensure that they interact.

Keyword research and a fantastic user-experience are all factors that can help propel the popularity of a website, but when used in conjunction with promotion, a business soon finds they can unearth a lot of new customers quickly.

Reporting progress clearly

Anyone employing the services of an SEO agency will want to ensure that the correct type of work is being carried out, and Zube provides this with a report that is easy to follow. There can be times when businesses are advised that results can take a few months, and while this is correct, they should still provide a report that details the work carried out so far.

This ensures businesses never have to be concerned about the quality of their online presence and can focus on other areas of the business.

Frequently asked questions regarding search engine optimization

Although some people will be familiar with the basic elements of SEO, there can be times when questions and queries arise. Zube is happy to answer any queries customers may have, but answers to the more commonly asked questions are as follows.

How long does it take to rank in google?
Given the aim of SEO, many will be keen to see results quickly. However, it can take between four and six months for a website to rank, depending on several factors, including the keywords used, and the type of business being operated.

However, the experience that Zube has in the industry will ensure your website will rank as soon as possible.

Will I need a new website?
It stands to reason that many are proud of their website, but there can be times when the website does not align with modern expectations, meaning that customers will look elsewhere. As SEO Ignite carries out an audit before applying SEO practices, even those requiring a new website can progress quickly regarding Google results.

How much does SEO cost?
The cost of SEO can depend on the amount of work needed but should be considered an investment. As well as ensuring that a website is meeting the guidelines set out by search engines, it also ensures the website is promoted within search results.

The world of SEO is always changing, so while you will always need SEO work carried out, it will be significantly less when compared to the lost traffic experienced due to insufficient optimisation.

What type of businesses can Zube help with?
Understandably, no two websites are the same. Even those with familiar business models will often have different goals. No business understands this better than Zube. Regardless of whether you are running an e-Commerce store or a skip hire company, Zube will ensure your SEO plan meets the goals of your business.

Get started on your route to online success today?
The world of SEO can be confusing, but if you have the right expert, you can take advantage of marketing that helps you reach a new demographic of customers and take your business to the next level.

If you are keen to find out more about the benefits of SEO and how it can be applied to your current business goals, then why not contact Zube to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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